Yards Matter

Yards Matter

  • Camille Abbott
  • 05/10/22

My husband is a yard nut!  He finds great joy in "digging in the dirt" which he maintains is good for the soul.  I, on the other hand, find no particular joy in what might be crawling around IN the dirt.  However, I do love driving up to my house and seeing the efforts of his hard work!  Being a Realtor, I know buyers love the look of a great yard even if they, too, don't like "digging in the dirt."  A well-maintained yard speaks of pride of ownership and makes us enjoy coming home and having guests come to visit.

What does your yard look like?  Is trimmed and neat?  Does it say that they owner takes pride in his home? Or is it a wasteland? Do you tell your friends you are xeriscaping when you really just forgot to water?  Are there weeds in the flowerbeds?  Are those wild flowers a little too wild?  All are questions that a prospective seller should ask himself.  Now I am not saying to stay up late at night planning a garden of Eden but a few well placed shrubs, some weeding of the flowerbeds, and a little attention the condition of the lawn goes a long way in not only appearance but in terms of value.  Though few buyers I have ever assisted have listed "well maintained yard" as a requirement, it is also something that they mentally calculate dollars they may have to spend.  This is particularly true of the buyer whose cash reserves are designated for his down payment.  With appraisal waivers now almost being a requirement of successful offers, cash-on-hand has become a critical consideration for the buyer.  

So take a critical assessment of your yard and see where a few well placed dollars or "sweat equity" might make your house the one everyone wants to see on the inside because the outside is soooooo inviting.  If you love it, chances are the buyer will love it as well.  It just might be the critical edge for you!


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